West Central Humboldt Elementary
Title I Parent Involvement Plan

Humboldt Elementary School shall:

Plan Involvement
a. Convene one meeting per semester to explain and inform parents of the Title I program and their parental rights. We will also explain how students qualify for Title I, along with the Response to Intervention program and the three tier system at our spring meeting.
b. The fall meeting will be offered at night, or at a time that is agreeable to both parents and teachers. The spring meeting will be determined by a survey sent home to parents.
c. We will continue to offer opportunities for parents to provide feedback and input in an ongoing and organized review through parent teacher conferences, email, phone calls, and meetings held throughout the year.
d. We will offer a parentsʼ guide on Common Core State Standards for reading and math at the fall parent-teacher conferences
e. Parents may submit comments on the plan to the building principal or Title I staff throughout the school year.

Shared Responsibilities
We will review and update the school-parent compact highlighting the importance of
communication and responsibilities of all students, parents, and staff during the fall meeting.

Building Capacity for Involvement
  1. To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership between Humboldt Elementary school and the parents, the Title I staff shall provide assistance to the Title I parents in understanding the Common Core State Standards and achievement standards. The parents shall monitor their child’s progress by quarterly Title I reports and conversations with Title I/classroom teaching staff and will work together with the Title I staff to improve their child’s achievement. Common Core State Standards pamphlets will be distributed and discussed at parent/teacher conferences.

  1. To foster parental involvement, the Title I staff shall provide materials and training to parents to improve their child’s achievement. Such training may include literacy training through Literacy Night, technology, and current math practices through our Math and Science Night. Leveled books or stories at the child’s reading level will be sent home to help parents work with their child.

  1. Coordinate to the extent feasible and appropriate the integration of parent involvement and activities with Head Start and early reading programs. We will do this coordination through our West Central Junior Kindergarten Program and our Early Childhood Special Education Program by meeting with the teachers of each program to see what’s been done in their program.
  2. To value parents as equal partners in their student’s achievement, the Title I staff shall communicate and implement parent involvement programs such as reading recovery, annual meetings, Literacy Night , parent teacher conferences, Math & Science Night along with a presentation explaining the Title I program, and any others throughout the year.

  1. Title I staff will attend conferences to help improve Parent/School communication and involvement. Annually, the Title I staff will meet as a district Title I staff and focus on working/communicating with parents. As well as provide such other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.

To the extent practicable, provide full opportunities for the participation of parents
with limited English proficiency, and parents with disabilities. This would include
information in a format to the extent practical and in a language that parents can understand; translation applications will be utilized if necessary.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call the Title Staff at 605-363-3131 or 605-528-3325.